About Nudgify

Nudgify is a simple app that adds life and colour to your store with small, but powerful, Nudges.

By adding thoughtful notes, messages, and moments to your webpages, you can engage customers and start a conversation with them.

You can also show them things they wouldn't usually see, like how many other people are browsing your store.

  • Improve your customers' shopping experience
  • Encourage them to take action with incentives and reassurance
  • Communicate in your brand's unique voice

How It Works

All you have to do is select a Group (the pages to show your Nudges on). Then, you can select a Nudge from the Nudge library. Finally, you can check how your Nudges are doing in your Analytics.

Creating a Nudge Group

Most Groups have already been built for you, using Shopify's store structure. So, if you want to show Nudges on your product pages, there's a Group ready to go. 

web notification targeting

But, if you want to show Nudges on a specific page, you can create a new Group.

web notification custom targeting

The Nudge Library

There are four kinds of "Dynamic Nudges" (which use real data from your Shopify store and your visitor's browsing cookies.) 

1. Delivery Nudges (which use geolocation and time)

web notification delivery

2. Order Soon Nudges (which use your store settings and visitor location)

web notification order soon

3. Low Stock Nudges (which use your Shopify stock data)

web notification low stock nudge

4. Social Proof Nudges (which use your visitor's browsing information)

website notifications social proof

 You can also design your own "Custom Nudges".

1. Click on "Create new Custom Nudge"

web notification nudge library

2. Use the builder to design your Nudge

website notification builder


The Analytics dashboard shows you how many visits, impressions, clicks and assisted conversions you have received.

notification analytics

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